Team composition: How to build your dream team

How team composition will increase your change of success

Max amount of participants: 30
By: Jan-Pieter van Seventer, Managing Director Dutch Game Garden
Rounds 2 and 3: 02:15 PM – 3:45 PM (session will take 1,5 hours)
Hall DGG (5th floor)

Please bear in mind that this session will be held in English.

Jan-Pieter van Seventer of Dutch Game Garden will introduce you to the fundamentals of team composition. Eights years of experience with incubation and start-ups, as well as working together with international partners through GameBiz, has taught him what kind of team is more likely to succeed and what kind will ultimately fail. In this hand-on workshop he will show you as well.

Many start-ups are created during group-led projects at school. The founding members are passionate about their product, their industry and their craft. But although they dream big, these newly-minted teams may not have all the roles and skills needed to increase the chance of present and future success.

During this session you will be introduced to general team composition for start-ups, taking examples from the games industry. Aspects such as skills and roles/personalities are the first step in creating a dynamic start-up.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the game start-up world. You will be asked to create a team, play with your team dynamics, and get a better grasp of how this can affect the lifespan of your start-up, regardless of industry.